Marcus Russell

United Spanish War Veterans

Camp Marcus D. Russell #2 Records

Rensselaer County sent troops to the Spanish-American War in Cuba in 1898 and one of these men, Marcus D. Russell was a member of Troop G, the Rough Riders, commanded by Theodore Roosevelt. Russell was killed in action at the battle of La Guasimas, Cuba on June 24, 1898. To honor his memory, the United Spanish War Veterans of Troy named their organization after him, i.e. Camp Marcus D. Russell #2. (A Surrogate Court record for Russell is in RCHS, File #278). One other Trojan died as a result of his service in Cuba; John Connolly, a bugler in Company D, First New York Infantry, was wounded and later died of yellow fever at his home at 484 Second Street, Troy, New York. Camp Russell was the second camp formed in the Department of New York of the U.S.W. V.. The first camp was formed in New York City and there were eventually about 131 camps in the Department of New York.

The Camp Russell group was an active participant in statewide and national meetings of the United Spanish War Veterans and remained active until 1968 with a commander at least until 1971. The records of Camp Russell consist of both local manuscript material and publications of the state and national organizations.

Container List:

Box 1:
Rules and Regulations of the United Spanish War Veterans, Boston, 1910 and Index volume, 1910. Includes mss. notes that these books are property of Camp Russell and its commander, Frank T. Wells and his successors, John Gillies and George Moore. (71.129.6-7).

Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the United Spanish War Veterans, Chicago, 1920. Note to give book to successor commander, i.e. Frank T. Wells to George Moore. (71.129.18) 
Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the United Spanish War Veterans, Washington, DC, 1951. (71.121.19)

Ritual of the United Spanish War Veterans, 1912. includes variety of information about conduct of meetings, colors, bugle calls, oaths, mustering and so forth. 2 copies. ((71.129.20, 32).

Book of Ceremonies of the United Spanish War Veterans, Forms and Procedures, 1912 with revisions from 1913, St. Louis, 1916, includes information about parades, installation of officers, muster days, memorial services, and so forth. (73.76.33)

Book of Ceremonies of the United Spanish War Veterans, 1928 edition. (71.129.21)

Box 2:
Minute Books of Monthly Meetings of Camp Russell #2, U.S.W. V., 1954-1965, 2 volumes. Meetings held at Noble-Callahan Post, Troy, New York. Minutes of business conducted at meeting, including treasurer’s reports, news of comrades who were ill or died, election of officers and other business. (71.129.22-23)

Ledger of names of U.S.W. V., Camp Russell members, ca. 1940-1961. The ledger is arranged alphabetically by veteran names and including name of veteran, address, occupation, dates of service, rank, company and regiment, discharge date, place and reason, date mustered into Camp Russell, birth place, and date, name and address of nearest relative, signature, remarks (deceased, transferred). (71.129.26)

Quartermaster’s Account Books of U.S.W.V., Camp Russell, 1955-1965, 2 volumes. The books include receipts and disbursements arranged monthly from January 1955-December 1959 and January 1960 to September 1965. Both volumes also include list of veterans who died 1957, 1958, 1959 (vol. 1) and 1960, 1961, (vol. 2). (71.129.24-25)

Ledger for recording dues paid by members, 1944-1961. Contains names and addresses of veterans with checkmarks for each year that dues were paid. Also has financial accounts of receipts and disbursements, 1952-1954. These accounts precede those accounts in above Quartermaster Accounts. (71.129.28)

Cards with memorial prayers and ritual programs to be used at meetings and memorial services. (71.129.40-44)

U.S.W. V., National Headquarters, Washington, DC, General Orders, 1962-1967. Include news of consolidated and disbanded camps, appointments, national encampments, convention programs, observances of holidays and other information. (71.129.35)

Forms used by U.S.W.V. for membership information , etc. An appointment form for John Gillies as Commander of Camp Russell, 1968. Also, one copy of the Proceedings of the …Convention of the 69th National Encampment of the U.S.W. V., San Antonio, Texas, 1967. (71.129.53)

Proceedings of the U.S.W.V., Dept. of New York, 65th Annual Encampment, Albany, NY 1968. Two letters from New York Dept. Commander Joseph A. Burkart to Camp Russell Commander Frank T. Wells about not disbanding the camp, which had 6 members in 1968. (71.129.54-56)

Flyer: Flag of Destiny, First Arkansas Infantry, Spanish War with statement on verso, “I am Proud to be a Spanish War Veteran.” (71.129.39)

Roster of the Camps, Dept. of New York, U.S.W.V., 1914 and Roster, 1962. Both include names of officers, names and addresses of the camps, local officers names, times of meetings and the 1962 roster includes the number of members for each camp. Also, a copy of the By-Laws of the M.D. Russell Camp No. 2, 1938. (71.129.36-38)

Program for a concert, review and reception of the Companies A, B, D of Troy and Company B of Cohoes of Camp Russell, at State Armory, Troy, NY April 27, 1905. Includes music played, order of dances, officers names.

Bulletin of U.S.W.V., Department of New York, 1961-1971. Includes names of officers, committees, resolutions, information about encampments, memorials, and elections. (71.129.34)

Blank letterhead stationary of U.S.W.V. M.D. Russell Camp No. 2. (71.129.27)