Tibbets Cadets Collection

Historical Note: 
The Tibbits Cadets were the 21st Separate Company of New York State Militia, and existed from 1876 through the 1960s. During wartime the company became Company D of the 2nd Regiment New York State National Guard (later known as the 105th Infantry Regiment). As part of the 2nd/105th the Cadets served in the Spanish American War, the 1916 Punitive Expedition into Mexico, and both the First and Second World Wars. In both World Wars the 105th was a part of the 27th Division.

The Collection: 
The collection contains two scrapbooks which were both originally the property of Jesse M. Slattery, who was a veteran of the Cadets and later was very active in reunion organizations. Additional material includes a folder containing a typed history of the Cadets.

The first scrapbook, marked “World Wars I and II,” contains many newspaper clippings on 27th Division activities in France during 1918, including many casualty lists. Also included is a serialized history of the 27th Division during the First World War by Major General John F. O’Ryan, its former commander. World War II-era clippings cover many aspects of wartime Troy, American decorations and campaign ribbons, 27th Division campaigns during the Second World War, and 25th-Anniversary retrospectives on the First World War.

The second scrapbook is marked “Military” on the front cover, and on the back is marked “US Presidents, Clippings of Me.” This contains various 1950s and 60s-era clippings and memorabilia about the Cadets. Much of the book contains published profiles of American presidents, politicians, generals, and other historical figures. At the back can be found historical and reunion information about the 27th Division; of note there is a roster of Tibbits Cadets men who were in the 1916 Punitive Expedition (notations have been made as to who was dead in 1965). In the back endpapers are programs from various regimental balls and soirees. Of particular interest here is a 1930 program from one of these events, which has pictures of all the officers and a short history of the regiment.

A photocopied typescript titled History of Tibbits Cadets 1876-1957 is in the collection. This is a comprehensive document containing a chronology of the Cadets, a biography of William Tibbits, rosters, lists of casualties, and notes on the unit’s activities after the Second World War. The front cover features a reproduction of the unit crest. This is a significant source on the Cadets, and is full of useful information.