William Taylor

Capt. William D. Taylor 125th Regiment
New York State Volunteers Records

Historical Note:
The 125th Regiment was raised in Troy and towns in Rensselaer County and was commanded by Col. George L. Willard. The regiment was mustered in August 1862 and remained until the end of the Civil War, during which 243 men of the regiment died. Within one month of enlistment the regiment found itself at Harper’s Ferry and the entire regiment was surrendered to the Confederate forces under Stonewall Jackson. After being paroled and sent to Camp Douglas in Chicago during the winter of 1862-1863, the regiment returned to battle at Chancellorsville and later at Gettysburg, where the men of the regiment fought with heroism and lost many men, including their commander, Col. Willard. The regiment continued in action at Mine Run, Bristoe Station, the entire Wilderness Campaign, the Petersburg assaults and the remainder of the war up to Appomattox. The regiment with 214 enlisted men and 20 officers returned home on July 8, 1865 having fought in over 20 battles. Capt William D. Taylor lived in Troy, NY, was a captain in the 125th Regiment and was Treasurer of the Brigade Monument Fund. He was also the President of the 125th Regiment Association in 1888.

Records of the 125th Regiment, NYS Volunteers
A book of detailed information about the 125th Regiment, compiled after the war and including: list of the officer field and staff by name with information about them; lists of recruits for each company by name with notes about each person (killed, wounded, discharged, etc.); list of veterans who attended the unveiling of a monument at Gettysburg on Oct. 1, 1888 with a description of the unveiling; information about the regiment copied from F. Pfisterer’s work; a broadside dated Troy, Nov. 30, 1888 asking for contributions for a monument to be erected at Gettysburg in honor of the Brigade that fought there on July 2, 1863; a list of the marches with distances made by the regiment; clippings about the regiment; information about Capt. Taylor’s service. Also a pamphlet “Gem Souvenir of Gettysburg” by Penrose Myers, Jeweler in Gettysburg, who also sold souvenir sword pins and spoons of the battle. Also a separate volume index of names of members of the 125th regiment with notes about the names; (not a complete list of the regiment). (Acc. 63.388-389)

Capt. William D. Taylor
Volumes, (5) of indexed names of men in the various companies in the 125th Regiment with information about the person (transferred, dead, killed in action, etc.). Volumes are labeled and contain information as follows: Companies A & F; Companies B and G; Companies E & K; Companies C & H; Companies D & I. (Acc. 63.114-118)

One volume including information about men in all companies; also a list of battles regiment fought with dates; also three pages with names of veterans and their service record clipped from a publication and pasted in the volume. (Acc. 63.113)